16/5/99 - Jim Mallinson, 19.9km from Ubley

Hi Tim,

I had a lovely flight from Ubley on Sunday. Got there at about one o'clock thinking I was very stupid for even bothering. Sat around for a couple of hours under thick cloud which started to thin around three. Flew around for a while getting to no more than 1400' ato. Finally hooked into a good thermal marked by Guy Anderson and a buzzard at about 4.45 and decided to go with it. I never got more than 2000' ato but managed to blob along over Cheddar Gorge and the Levels before landing in a field near a village called Burtle bang in the middle of nowhere.

Date: 16/5/99
Canopy: Edel Response M
TO: Ubley ST529572
LZ: Burtle ST390430
Duration: c.50mins.
Distance: 19.9 km

Where were all the camper vans? Did you go to Wales? (Apparently Tim B turned up on his bike having gone for a ride thinking it wouldn't be flyable!)