09/05/03 - Alex Coltman, 42.6km from Merthyr

TO Merthyr Common SO 078 036
Turn Point A470 Roundabout SO 076 028
LZ Maypole Village SO 468 173
Glider Flying Planet Whisper
Date 09/05/03
Take Off at 11:00
Duration 1:50
Distance 41.8km

Take off was on my upper limits, with a bit of bar to move out of the compression. Once out in front had about 5kmh of groundspeed upwind at trim so reasonably comfortable. First thermal very quickly to 800 ft ato then strong sink as I pushed forwards. Next sunny patch came with a nice 8-9 up to base 3200 above Fochriw. The base today was very wierd with my nice firm cloud at 3200 ato but lots of other clouds with wispy bases much lower. Played with my cloud for a while as the sky looked a bit scrappy and dead downwind.

Eventually committed to a growing cloud over Ebbw Vale which worked and climbed to base here at 2600 ato. Drifted with this until south of the Blorenge where there seemed to be some kind of convergence going on.

From here it was difficult as NE was a big blue hole and E and SE was overcast and grey. I followed the shadow line which seemed to work a bit but not enough to get me back to base. Eventually the lift died to nothing and then a sink tone. No sign of any help from the sky so glided ENE to cover as much sunny ground as poss. Not a blip till landing in a village called Maypole, near Monmouth.

A very enjoyable flight and I ALMOST don't care if anyone flew further!!!!!

Just Checked the comps website and someone did 110km from the Mynd which is where Steve was headed this morning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cheers Alex