4/10/99 - Alex Coltman, 7.8km from Westbury

Hi Tim

Just a quick note about Mon and Tue. Monday looked a bit windy but with the choice of doing some DIY or watching hang gliders on Westbury I convinced myself it would die down and off I went. It was a bit strong at first but soon tempted me to fly. The hangies (lots actually flying !!) were definitely more suited to the conditions as they could actually fly forwards!

I got high over the quarry and instead of a depressing glide back to the hill went off on a glide towards Warminster.I reached the big black cloud over Warminster with a bit of height but it gave me no lift so down I went, the cloud then rubbed it in by raining on me while I folded my glider! Grand total 7.8km but I had got round the corner of the range and if I'd got back up who knows.

Today (Tues) after doing a bit of work last night/this morning decide sky looked too good to ignore and went to Wales. Spent FOUR HOURS on Pandy with about 15 minutes air time, two hours dragging the glider repeatedley back up the hill and the rest of the time swearing at the huge number of birds who seemed to be taking the piss by thermalling up, at will, to about 500ft then spiraling down and climbing again. Oh for a shotgun, only joking.

See life as a mid week flyer is not all roses!



Date: 4.10.99
T.O Westbury: ST898 514
L.Z Warminster: ST875 439
Total distance: 7.8km !!