Following a recent incident when horses were spooked by low flying pilots at the far southern end of the NW ridge pilots adjacent to the road, pilots are requested to keep at least 300' clearance from the ground in this area. The horses are in a partially wooded field and cannot see low flying pilots until the last moment and when scared they can cause themselves a lot of harm so please take note.

Westbury EMERGENCY Landing Field

Could all pilots please note that the Westbury ONLY HAS AN EMERGENCY BOTTOM LANDING FIELD available when flying on the NW side.

There is NO BOTTOM LANDING when flying on the North ridge (Bratton Camp).

It is NOT OK to take off in the hope of finding a thermal to keep you up - if there are other pilots on the hill but not flying, please ask yourself why! Obviously there are occasions - e.g. when the air has been lifty but you then get drilled with no reasonable warning - when there is no alternative but to use the field.

If you do HAVE to land in the EMERGENCY field, please heed the following rules:

  1. Land as close as possible to the fence which runs perpendicular to the main road, on the left of the field;
  2. Carry your glider to the entrance to the field before packing it up;
  3. Do not drive into the field to collect pilots and flying equipment;
  4. Ensure that the wire and post gate is securely fastened after exiting the field

PG pilots - if you take off and find no lift in the bowl, you are unlikely to find any anywhere else so put it in on the spur to the right of the horse (yes, I know there are fences but YOU chose to take off).

You MUST NOT land in the field at the top of the ridge to the left of the main take off, or on the slope below it. We have no permission to take off or land here and doing so could loose us the site.




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